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There is too much data for anyone to sift through alone

Understand what your customers are thinking by extracting insights from any open-ended text. Including chat logs, product reviews, transcripts, and more. 

Predict trends and capitalize on future demand by finding anomalies and patterns in your sales data.

Know which products appear most often  across social media (comments, posts, videos, etc.) in order to stay on top of what’s trending.      

Accelerate sales opportunities

Predict when your customers will interact with your brands, and turn consumer behavior into sales opportunities and margin improvements.

Optimize customer engagement

Map each customer to the products they actually want to buy, and minimize markdowns by engaging them at the times they're most likely to purchase.

Increase revenue

Allocate inventory & reduce carry-over across your product catalog by capitalizing on niche buying and merchandising opportunities.

Improve decision making

Identify demand drivers and improve product development by unifying your transaction data with external information about market trends.

Which products turn customers into repeat buyers at our 5th Ave Store?

75% of customers who buy the Black Bomber Jacket  buy these products next

After spending $75 on the jacket, these buyers have gone on to spend $235 more on average over the next three months.

Consider cross-selling these products!
Tip: suggest the bomber jacket to new customers
Black Bomber Jacket (L)
Mountain Flannel Button-Up Shirt
Mountain Flannel Button-Up Shirt
Slim Fit Jeans
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What products will be trending out in the next month?

Boot Cut Jeans were popular a few months ago, but  repeat sales recently dropped 47%

Women’s Boot Cut Jeans are currently underperforming because the fit and style are not on-trend.

Financial Impact : - $200k in revenue
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Why do people like the Yosemite Down Jacket? When do they wear it?

70% of your customers are wearing this jacket for outdoor activities

Reviews suggest that customers expect more durable materials for this use case.

This topic is directly mentioned by 15% of customers, and further impacts 46% of customers interested in these products.
Customers that directly mentioned this topic
Customers that bought these products and are affected by this topic
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Which products would benefit most from a discount or promotion?

You currently have 3,504 units of unsold inventory for Boxer Briefs!

Below are some potential buyer personas you haven't addressed yet.

Market this product to the following customer segments to bring inventory down by next month!
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Will sales of white low top sneaker grow this quarter?

Demand surge expected on March 11th

Expect a pre-season surge of the white low top sneaker to begin on March 4th. Ship 138 units to your Venice Store in order to meet demand.

Demand at risk: - $120k
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Which customer segment has the highest growth potential?
What colors for women's Boot Cut Jeans will be trending next winter?
Which customer segment spends the most per transaction?
Which customer segment is churning and when should I engage to win them back?
How many of your customers buy more than one product?
How can I increase the cart size for female customers shopping online?
What are the new interests of our young customer base?
Which champion customers am I at risk of losing right now, and what can I do to bring them back?
Am I on the right track to gain more high-spender customers in CA?
Which product line will grow in popularity the most next quarter?
Which products should we support with a marketing campaign to get rid of excess inventory?
Which life scenes are most important for customers who buy down jackets?
Which issues are causing customers who buy shoes to churn?
Which features do customers like most about jackets?
Which product lines are underperforming?
Which products are driving the most social posts?
What product is going to be trending the most next year?
What can I do to improve my customer retention for shirt products?
Which region has the highest potential new customer growth?
When will sales of Men's Parka's surge this year?
What items do recurring customers like to buy at each store?
What percent of your in-store purchases are made by recurring customers?
Which product groups are trending lower than their historical average?
What product groups are generating the most revenue in each store?
Which promotions can I offer to increase conversion for VIP Customers?
Which regions will have the highest demand this month?
Which product growth opportunities am I missing out on?

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